kenya project

The Howie Stillman Young Leadership Fund has partnered with Free The Children to adopt a village in Kenya. The project kicked off in the spring of 2006 when a group of eleven people, given the name “Howie’s Heroes,” traveled to Kenya to build a one-room school house.

The group included Howie’s father Tom; brother, David, Uncle Ralph Stillman, cousin Aubrey Margolis, friends from high school and college including Heidi Brown, David Grossman, Jon Mikelson, fund chair Lynn Blumenthal and her fiancé Stuart Chazin, Joel Glaser, the second recipient of the Howie Stillman Young Leadership Award, and Rabbi Barry Cytron, the Director of the Jay Phillips Center for Jewish-Christian Learning.

The first group finished two complete classrooms. As you can see in the pictures above, the former classrooms were literally crumbling making education nearly impossible. Funds have been raised leading to eight new classrooms as well as a preschool room, three teachers’ quarters, school supplies, teachers’ salaries, kitchen and a water collection system. A medical clinic serving 25,000 adults and children is progressing. If you are interested in donating to this particular aspect of the Howie Stillman Young Leadership Fund, click here. If you are interested in going on a future mission to Kenya e-mail Lynn Blumenthal at



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